Enjoy A Date Night This Valentine’s Day In A Waterfront Restaurant

Valentine’s day is coming! Have you made plans yet? It’s not easy to decide where to spend the special holiday we have coming up. There are plenty of romantic restaurants in Miami, and it’s on you to choose the perfect one.

Luckily, we’re here to give you a hand with that. 

In this article, we’ve listed all the best waterfront restaurants in Miami that you should consider. 

We are in Florida, after all, so spending time next to the water makes sense. And most of the city’s premium locations are next to the water. 

So, wait no more, and start checking out the places we’ve found for you.

Or, to skip it all and go straight for the option out there, come to Bayshore Club. Your date will love it.

La Mar

La Mar is one of the places with both – an unbelievable view and food to match it. If you’ve never visited this modern Peruvian-Asian place, you’ll quickly see why we consider it one of the best date night restaurants in Miami.

Diego Oka is the man behind the menu, but don’t get too attached to any of the items on it. As the chef travels, inspiration hits, and variations happen. Quite often, the chef decides on some minor tweaks to the menu that usually impress. So, even though your favorite thing may get changed, it will likely be a worthy modification.

The tiradito bachiche is a perfect example of what you can expect from chef Diego Oka. This dish consists of snapper dressed in aged parmesan cheese, and if you’ve never had it – there’s no point in explaining its value. The slowly braised chicha morada brisket is another delicacy you should try when visiting La Mar. It’s seasoned with traditional Peruvian ingredients, so you’ll get to taste the real flavor of Peru even though you’re still in Florida.

The waterfront view is still likely the prettiest sight you’ll see during your visit, but chef Oka’s presentation skills aren’t far behind. Each plate is arranged to perfection and there to impress from the first time you lay eyes on it.

Check out La Mar for Valentine’s day and see why it’s among the best ocean-view restaurants in the city.

Bayshore Club

One of the best waterfront restaurants in Miami is built on the historic site known as Dinner Key. It makes sense, right?

Dinner Key got its name from everyone visiting it as the perfect picnic stop during their coastal travels around the city. It’s located in Miami’s oldest neighborhood, Coconut Grove, and has quite a fascinating history behind it.

In 1918, this place was home to the first continental naval air station in the US, and it stayed that until the end of the first world war. Through the 30s and the 40s of the past century, Dinner Key was a base for Clipper planes, also known as Pan American flying boats.

Bayshore Club is inspired by the great history of its location and seeks to provide the same thrill to its guests as Dinner Key once did. 

As you may assume, this place is one of the best ocean-view restaurants in the area, but it surely has more to offer than breathtaking views.

For example, the promotions in this place are quite worth the trip. 

To start, they have happy hour from Monday to Friday. Beer, wine, and cocktails are half-priced every weekday from 4 PM to 6 PM. Then, Rose bottles are half-priced every Wednesday. Who doesn’t love that?

But let’s keep going. On Monday, this place serves $2 oysters during happy hour. So if you’re a fan of seafood, this is the place for you.

And, the most crucial detail of all – there’s live music! Every night from Wednesday to Sunday, Bayshore Club provides you with live tunes to make the dinner even more enjoyable.

There aren’t many more romantic restaurants in Miami than this place, and if you aren’t sure where to spend Valentine’s day, consider heading to Coconut Grove.


Who knew a charming bistro could find its way to a list of the best date night restaurants in Miami, right? This place is all about romance and spending time with someone special.

Tigre is located on Miami’s Little River, right next to the MiMo Historic District, and it’s quite a decent place to spend the upcoming holiday. If you’re into traditional bistros from Buenos Aires, this is the closest match you’ll find in Florida.

The owners tried to pull off an Argentinian classic in the middle of Miami, and we believe they did a hell of a job. 

Now, let’s mention the food. 

If shared plates are your thing, consider Tigre your place of choice. They offer a decent seasonal selection of vegetable-based dishes prepared in a signature way. Luna Roja is the chef’s version of a tuna tartare and one of our recommendations for a starter.

Talking about the mains leads us straight to the swordfish steak. Don’t skip it if you’re a fan of seafood. The charred broccolini is a side we enjoyed and can surely recommend to anyone visiting Tigre.

Hopefully, all that is enough for you to understand why this place is among the best waterfront restaurants in Miami. If not, visit Tigre yourself, and see what all the fuss is about.

Joia Beach

How about spending Valentine’s day on a petite man-made island? Joia Beach is a premium location in Biscayne Bay that isn’t like other ocean-view restaurants.

This restaurant hasn’t been open for too long but has been quite a hit in its short existence. It has already become home to all the folks that love sipping rosé all day while sitting next to breathtaking views. 

It’s no wonder that a place like this already hosted its fair share of celebrities. Maluma, Dwyane Wade, Adriana Lima, and the Estefans are only some of the names worth mentioning. So, if you decide to spend Valentine’s day in one of the most premium date night restaurants in Miami, don’t be surprised if you run into a few familiar faces.

The experience of visiting this island is even more enhanced by the jungle-like walkway that takes you to the beachfront dining area. It’s filled with greenery, palm trees, and beautiful nature that most of us aren’t used to.

And the destination is just as impressive as the journey. The beachfront is filled with luxurious daybeds, thatched roof tiki huts, and nautical flourishes. And, of course, there’s a DJ working their magic as well.

There’s no point explaining what makes this place one of the most romantic restaurants in Miami. Even a single visit will show you all you need to see that this is the perfect place to spend the upcoming holiday.

Visit Bayshore Club

Coconut Grove should be your Valentine’s day destination this year. Visit Bayshore Club to see what makes this place so special, and spend your special day at the waterfront.