Prosecco Wine – What Is It?

How much do you know about prosecco wine? Is it the same as champagne? What’s the prosecco flavor profile, and are there even prosecco grapes? 

If you wish to know the answers to all those questions, keep reading our latest blog post. We’ve managed to collect all the information you need to familiarize yourself with this wine. And we’ve mentioned the best types of prosecco you should try in the future.

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So wait no more, and start learning everything you need to know about prosecco wine.

What is Prosecco Wine?

First, let’s answer the obvious question – is prosecco wine? The answer is yes, absolutely. 

Prosecco is a sparkling white wine that comes from Italy. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be sparkling. Flat variations of prosecco are known as Tranquillo, while Frizzante has some bubbles. Still, the most widespread option is fully sparkling.

Are Prosecco and Champagne the Same?

Once again, the answer is simple – No, champagne and prosecco aren’t the same things. 

Some of you have heard the reasoning behind this, but let’s explain it just in case. Lots of European wines are protected. How does that work? Well, for example, you can’t call a bottle of wine champagne unless it comes from a specific region of France – called Champagne.

There are plenty of other similar examples around Europe. And wine isn’t the only thing protected in this way. Parma ham, for example, must come from the Parma part of Italy. 

That way, customers buying the product are guaranteed to be getting the real thing, not a cheap knock-off designed to take the profits.

What Are the Differences?

Without going into too much depth on the technical differences between champagne and prosecco, here are the basics you should know.

  • They come from different places. Both are named after the specific region of origin, while Champagne is French and Prossecco Italian.
  • They don’t use the same grapes. Champagne is made from Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, and Pinot Noir, while Glera are the prosecco grapes.
  • The bubbles aren’t produced in the same way. When making champagne, yeast is added to the bottles. With prosecco, the yeast is added into the tanks before the bottling process.

What Are Prosecco Grapes?

There must be at least 85% of Glera grapes in a wine for it to be called prosecco. That’s why this sort is often referred to as “prosecco grapes.” However, plenty of other sorts can be blended into the mix when making the famous sparkling wine.

Well-known sorts like Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio are often a part of the mix but never occupy more than 15% of the combination.

The Prosecco Flavor Profile – Is It Sweet?

The first question many people have about the prosecco flavor profile is – Is it sweet? Though it’s hard to answer this question with yes or no, the answer is satisfying to most folks. Since there are plenty of types of prosecco out there, you can get one as sweet as you like it.

The sweetness of the wine varies based on how much sugar is added during production. So, if you grabbed something off the shelf and aren’t satisfied with the sweetness – the problem isn’t prosecco. It’s the brand.

Next time, you’ll know better and look for a more reliable source. Check out our guide before you start shopping for prosecco and better understand what’s going on before you end up with another unwanted bottle.

  • Extra Brut – The perfect choice for people who are looking for dry versions of Prosecco wine.
  • Brut – Just a bit sweeter than the extreme version, but still a dry wine.
  • Extra Dry – Now, we’ve come to the complicated part. Prosecco labeled “extra dry” is actually somewhere in the middle when it comes to sweetness. It’s not too sweet but not as dry as brut and extra brut variants.
  • Dry – Yes, everything you know about wines doesn’t work when you’re choosing the sweetness of prosecco. The sweetest prosecco bottles are labeled “dry.” And they are quite sweet. So, if you’re not a fan of feeling the sugar, steer clear of dry prosecco. 

How Long Does Prosecco Last?

Many wines can be aged and stay in your home for a while before you need to drink them. However, many people wonder if the same goes for 

prosecco. And it’s good that they do. 

Prosecco is a young wine, and aging it isn’t the best idea. So, unlike the red wines in your cellar, prosecco can go off after a while. 

But how long can Prosecco last? If unopened, a bottle can stay safe for about a year since it was bought. That’s the general advice you’ll get from wine enthusiasts.

If opened, making the estimate is way more complicated. The way the wine has been stored plays a large part in how it will age. If you use a sparkling wine stopper, you can hope for the prosecco to stay decent for a couple of days.

However, our advice is to finish the bottle the next night if you still need to do it upon opening. And, if you usually keep a bottle open overnight, invest in a high-quality sparkling wine stopper. It may save you a few bottles.

How Do You Serve Prosecco?

You’ve learned how to pick your favorite among all the types of prosecco available. You have guests coming over, but how to serve them? Though serving prosecco may sound a bit intimidating, there are just a few things to remember.

Pop the bottle in the fridge just a few hours before your guests arrive so you know it’s chilled when the time comes. The serving is quite similar to champagne’s, so skip the ice and serve the wine by itself. Ice kills the bubbles and the flavor, so avoid it at all costs. 

If you’re feeling confident, try making prosecco cocktails, but that’s likely an experiment for next time.

When it comes to the proper glasses to use, you may be surprised by the answer. The flute isn’t the best option, even though it’s used most commonly. Instead, try using a large wine glass that will allow the wine to breathe and enhance its taste.

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