Beer And Fish: Best Beer For Seafood

Talking about great food and drink pairings can’t go without mentioning the famous beer and fish combo. 

It just works. Plenty of seafood items go well with beer, and you’re right to enjoy the combination. 

Firstly, remember that there are no wrong pairings here; however, there are a few seafood and beer couples that work better than others. And, if you wish to know what they are, you’re in the right spot.

In this article, we’ve listed all the best seafood dishes that you should have while drinking beer. So, wait no more, and check out your options.

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Seafood and Beer 101

As we said, there is nothing wrong with picking any type of beer and fish combination, so you don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice when ordering at a restaurant. 

A lager with a stew, pale ale with burgers, and so many other options are available, and they all taste decent, no matter how odd they may sound. Before you decide what is the best beer for seafood according to your taste, try any other combo and enjoy a great meal.

The second important thing worth mentioning is that the preparation is more important than the species of the fish. Fish and chips is one of the likeliest dishes you’ll see at a restaurant, and usually, it comes along with a beer. 

But which type of beer and fish are we talking about? No one really cares.

In most cases, some sort of firm, white fish will be used to make this battered dish. Cod, halibut, bass, walleye? Those are all perfect options, and most guests won’t care about the specifics.

And, since the fish is prepared in beer batter, it makes sense that beer pairs perfectly with it. Which one? Well, anything goes; but most people would agree that malty lagers are the safest choice to make.

Miller High Life, Rainier, or Grain Belt are the ones we usually grab when munching on fish and chips. However, Mexican lagers and West Coast IPAs are also fan favorites.

On the other hand, if you don’t wish things to become too bitter, steer clear of Hoppy.

Enough with the introductions; let’s get specific. Below, you’ll find the best seafood and beer pairings you need to try ASAP.

Drinking Beer and Eating Seafood – Best Pairings

Crab Legs – Lager or Pilsner

Crab legs are a popular item on most seafood menus across the country, so naturally, we should tell you what beer to have alongside them.

Crabmeat is known as sweet and rich. These characteristics are even more emphasized when talking about the most popular options in the States – Alaskan king crang and snow crab. So, to balance out the flavors, you need a light beer with some bitterness.

Lagers are usually a decent solution, but they can be more or less bitter. So, we’d say your safest bet and the best beer for seafood of this type is pilsner. Pick your favorite one, and give this combo a shot – you’ll see we know what we’re doing.

Lobster: Belgian Tripel, American Ipa, or Wheat Beer

Lobster is one of the seafood dishes along which you can drink beer of any kind. That statement is likely true. But if you want to bring the most out of this meal, check out our recommendations.

As you know, lobster meat is quite sweet and tender. When dealing with this kind of flavor, your best options to pair are Belgian Tripel, American IPA, and wheat beer. Drinking beer with a bitter flavor won’t ruin the taste of your meal. On the contrary, the sweet lobster meat will cut straight through the bitterness and pair perfectly with the drink.

So, next time the crowd has lobster, order a round of American IPAs and enhance everyone’s experience.

Scallops: American IPA

As you’ve noticed by now, plenty of seafood menu items have a sweet flavor note to them. Scallops are no different. They are another option that requires similar pairings as crab and lobster.

So, once again, look for a beer to pair that has some bitterness to it. American IPAs are our drink of choice when having scallops, and if you’ve never tried this pair, we suggest you give it a shot. 

Nowadays, there are plenty of high-quality IPAs to choose from, and most restaurants offer at least a few. Pick one that suits your taste, and see if it’s the best beer for a seafood dinner.

Mussels: Belgian-Style or Wheat Beer

One of the most popular dishes in Belgium is moules-frites, which translates to mussels and fries. So, it makes sense that the perfect beer pairing for this type of seafood comes from Belgium.

Mussels are already cooked in flavorful sauces, and pairing them with the perfect beer can enhance the experience and make the meal whole. If no Belgium beers are available, check if you can find some other type of wheat beer. 

It will pair nicely as well, without taking anything from the dish.

Chowders and Soups: Porter or Stout

What better way to enjoy a cold day than with a bowl of seafood chowder? The only possible addition worth mentioning is the perfect beer pairing for this type of meal. 

The malty flavors of stouts and porters are what you should look for on this occasion. So, look for something chocolatey and try how it tastes with a bowl of soup.

We believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Shrimp: Pale Ale

Shrimp aren’t known for their powerful taste, so you need to be a bit more careful when pairing this dish with beer. Since the taste is so subtle, using heavy beers with a strong flavor would overpower and dominate the meal.

We’d like to avoid that. So, next time you have shrimp, go with something light. The most convenient solution would be a pale ale. There are plenty of available options out there; just pick your favorite, and you’ll be good to go.

Salmon: Saison, Amber Ale, or IPA

Unlike some other seafood items, salmon has quite a fatty, rich flavor. This makes it easy to pair with plenty of beer styles.

Saison might be the most recommended option because of its high carbonation and fruity flavors, but other styles are also a decent match. Though the information may surprise you, IPAs also works quite well when paired with salmon.

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