6 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Super Bowl In An Outdoor Restaurant

No matter what day it is, eating outdoors has its advantages. Who doesn’t love spending time under the bright sky while enjoying tasty food and fresh air? We all do!

Also, Super Bowl 57 is right around the corner, and if you’re a football fan, it’s time to start making plans. Have you considered an outdoor restaurant as your destination of choice?

There are so many benefits to this decision that not doing it would be a shame. But what are the advantages of eating al fresco and watching football? If you’re interested to find out, keep reading our blog.

In the article, we’ve listed all the reasons for you to watch the next Super Bowl while dining outdoors.

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Nature is Soothing

All sports fanatics know what it’s like to watch your favorite team play a game. It doesn’t even need to be an important match for the time to be quite stressful on the hearts of the most loyal fans. When it’s Super Bowl Sunday, those stress levels rise a lot more quickly.

Now imagine how outside eating can help you deal with that. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but usually, even a small addition of nature helps people be more relaxed. It helps soothe you both physically and mentally. And there’s research that it helps control blood pressure and heart rate numbers. That’s why we have aquariums and plants in hospitals.

Hopefully, we can avoid a visit after a match by eating al fresco and letting nature do its thing.

Now imagine how beneficial it is to spend a stressful afternoon completely surrounded by nature. Well, studies show that dining outdoors also decreases stress hormones and helps lower muscle tension.

We all hope for the best outcome, but unfortunately, only one team can be the winner. So, prepare yourself for a day full of stress and spend it in a relaxing outdoor restaurant.

Enjoy Fresh Air

Spending as much time in fresh air is recommended no matter what day of the year it is. If we’re talking about a tense situation like watching your team play, it’s an even better idea.

Staying indoors for a long time can be detrimental to your health, and doctors recommend taking in the fresh air as much as possible. So, if you must spend 8 hours, how about spending your free time outside and watching the Super Bowl while eating outdoors?

Instead of the stale indoor air, there will be at least one thing working for you – fresh air. If there’s one thing that helps us get calm, that’s it.

And this type of environment will be a nice change of pace to the hectic schedule we all have in Miami. Don’t waste your best years inside, and enjoy the weather we have in Florida.

Your Body Functions Better

We all know that a holiday like this one guarantees a couple of cheat meals in our system. It will most likely be followed by a couple of drinks and maybe even a celebratory dessert. Though winners deserve to celebrate, all that will do some damage to our bodies.

Luckily, outside eating lends a hand when dealing with that. 

As we mentioned, dining outdoors helps you de-stress the body. And, when the body is in that condition, it’s able to secrete the HCl into your stomach correctly. That helps break down the food you’re consuming and kills all harmful pathogens on the way. 

This allows your body to absorb the nutrients in the food and not let it pass through you, as it may when you’re stressed.

On top of all this, spending time outside increases the vitamin D levels in your body. And you probably already know the importance of vitamin D in our system. It helps us absorb calcium to keep our bones strong and helps with serotonin, dopamine, and adrenaline levels which helps avoid depression.

Also, spending time in natural light has proven to be beneficial in other areas. For example, replacing it with artificial lights has proven to be linked to higher chances of diabetes, obesity, and other diseases connected to a sedentary lifestyle.

Who knew eating al fresco could help you stay thin?

Outside Eating is More Convenient for Socializing

Indoor restaurants are usually meant to stay a bit quieter than the crowds outside. It makes sense; not all people are there to watch the game. 

However, watching with the outside folks can get super exciting. Those guys love to high-five, cheer, and talk about the outcomes. And that’s what the game is all about – having fun, meeting people, and enjoying high-level sports.

So, this Super Bowl, don’t look at the same old faces of your local indoor restaurant and spend your Sunday with the outside crew. There are multiple benefits to making that decision, and getting to know a few sports enthusiasts is just one of them.

You’ll Sleep Better

Sleeping won’t be the first thing you think about after the game. Win or lose, there will be other stuff to do, and falling asleep is just as hard after a celebration as it is when you’re suffering.

However, eating outdoors can help with that.

As we mentioned, the fresh air will help the body relax and keep it feeling rejuvenated. And, when you’re with people you like and enjoy spending time around, you’ll feel even better.

Pair that with beautiful views, tasty food, and all the nature around you, and sleeping after the game will no longer be a problem. Give it a try and see if spending time outside can help you calm down once the match is finished.

Enjoy a Relaxed Setting

Most outdoor restaurants are designed to make you more relaxed than you were when you came. And, even if you don’t realize it, they are succeeding in those intentions.

First of all, the view can have a massive impact on how you feel. Eating next to a crowd of people indoors can’t compare to having a meal outside with the ocean right next to you.

The four walls keep us more closed in than we know, and having freedom while eating is quite satisfying to the mind. That helps us stay relaxed and enjoy the company and the food more than we would indoors.

So, don’t let walls ruin your Super Bowl Sunday, and spend it somewhere with an amazing view and a whole lot of fresh air.

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