How To Eat Raw Oysters The Right Way

Are you one of the people who gets embarrassed when they go out for seafood? There are certain rules about the right and the wrong ways of doing so, and you can’t remember which is which? And, though you’ve heard your friends mention the right ways to carry yourself in a seafood restaurant, something seems to be missing.

If you still aren’t sure how to eat raw oysters – you’re about to be. 

We’ve prepared detailed instructions on the basic principles of oyster eating that everyone should know. So next time you’re out trying seafood with your friends, you’ll get to show off your oyster etiquette and impress a few people.

So wait no more and start learning the ABC-s of eating oysters.

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Oyster Etiquette 101 – Use the Small Fork

Before you start eating oysters, you’ll have to loosen them. Leaving the oyster in the shell is the worst thing you can do. Luckily, there’s a way to avoid that – with a small fork!

The restaurant will provide a small fork along with the meal, and as a natural oyster eating pro, you’ll use it to detach the oyster from its shell.

Once you’ve done that, you can bring to oyster to your lip, raise the top of the shell, and slide the meat into your mouth. 

The first mistake you can make in the beginning part of eating oysters is draining the liquids. That is a big no-no. 

Instead, leave the oyster liquor inside the shell and enjoy how it compliments the flavor of the meat. 

And there you go, you’ve already learned the first step of oyster eating.

Flipping the Shell, Yes, No, or Maybe?

There are multiple opinions when it comes to the discarding of the shell. Some people believe you don’t know how to eat raw oysters if you don’t flip the shell and return it to the plate it came in.

Others, however, don’t believe this move is a part of oyster etiquette.

Since you did have contact with the shell, some people would not prefer to have it on a plate with the whole oysters.

Instead, you can set the empty shell on your plate or a special one for this purpose. 

Never Forget to Chew

This is the mistake most people make. They believe oysters should be swallowed whole, which simply isn’t true. 

As we mentioned, oyster liquor compliments the taste of the meat, and the only way to experience it entirely is by biting into the oyster.

Keep chewing to feel the full flavor profile and enjoy the real taste of oysters.

Fresh Oysters in a Shell Are the Only Way to Go

If there’s one thing you should remember from this blog, it’s that eating fresh oysters is the only oysters you should be consuming. But how to know which ones are fresh?

Firstly, ask the restaurant where the oysters were harvested from and when this happened. Usually, local seafood is the freshest option out there, so keep that in mind.

The next step is crucial in checking the legitimacy of the harvesting time. Oysters in a shell should be tagged with the date of the harvest. So, inspect the shell visually and check if the information you got from your server is correct. 

Also, the oyster shells should be unopened when your meal arrives at the table. Do another inspection to ensure you’re getting the best possible product, and you can start eating.

How to Pair Oysters?

The answer to this question varies based on the location you’re visiting. For example, West Coast oysters go perfectly with Champagne. You can taste notes of cucumber and melon, and pairing them with the bubbly drink will taste amazing. 

If you’re more of a Scotch fan, you’re in luck too. Oysters and Scotch go along quite well.

Skip the Sauce This Time

Many seafood places provide cocktail sauce with whatever they serve, but you should skip it this time. 

As we mentioned, the oyster flavor is best experienced with its liquor and nothing else. So, if you want to be a purist and enjoy the meal you ordered, forget about the cocktail sauce and have oysters by themselves.

Shucking at Home

If you’d like to try shucking at home, we recommend taking all the precautions possible.

Firstly, rely on the internet. Do your research and learn all you can from the instructional videos online. They’ll provide you with the information you’d need before beginning the experiment.

You’ll need a shucking knife and gloves, or improvise with a towel and protect your wrists. The proper way to separate an oyster shell is to work on its two main contact points. 

And, of course, don’t forget to refrigerate the oysters. Though they come on ice when served in a restaurant, that’s not the proper way to store them at home. Instead, make sure they’re closed and leave them in the fridge. They’ll be safe to consume for up to a week if you store the oysters properly.

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