Trying The Best Seafood Restaurants In Miami This Labor Day

People all over the United States celebrate Labor Day as the holiday that marks the end of the Summer season. In Florida’s party capital, it’s just another cause for celebration. Workers celebrate labor day weekend in Miami, but the warm days keep coming. 

So, despite it not representing the end of the season, there are a lot of fun places that celebrate the holiday and throw memorable parties. And, what better way to enjoy a Florida party than with some seafood?

We’ve gathered all our favorite places to help you find the perfect location and the best seafood restaurant in Miami. If you love this type of cuisine, you’ll love our list. Check it out below and pick your spot to celebrate Labor Day weekend in Miami.

Or, if you want to skip the research but get to eat the best seafood in Miami, go straight to Bayshore Club, and have a proper celebration.

Stiltsville Fish Bar

Chef Jeff McInnis was born in Niceville, Florida, and grew up on fishing boats. It’s hard to find someone more suitable to prepare the best seafood in Miami than someone whose resume starts with this sentence.

His childhood days revolved around peeling shrimp, cleaning squid, and preparing fish at The Marina Cafe. That led him to a life of preparing high-quality meals worldwide, and Stiltsville is one of his favorite places to do so.

His partner in this project is Chef Janine Booth, another celebrity chef who grew up preparing delicious creatures from the ocean. Their partnership has given us a few fantastic restaurants across the World, and this one is just as great.

Visit the Sunset Harbor neighborhood to find original Key West-inspired drinks and meals that will leave you amazed. Check out Stiltsville, and see why we recommend spending your Miami Labor Day in this spot.

Bayshore Club

If you’re looking to spend Labor Day weekend in Miami’s oldest neighborhood, Coconut Grove, we have a place for you. Bayshore Club is located on the historic site Dinner Key and is likely the best seafood restaurant in Miami.

What makes this place so unique? First, the location is nothing but spectacular.

Coconut Grove, formerly an Island, was connected to the mainland in 1914, and Dinner Key is the place to have a picnic stop while sailing the city’s coastal waters.

Throughout history, Dinner Key was used as a base for flying boats. And Clipper planes were housed in hangers at Bayshore Club.

The golden age of flight inspires Todays Bayshore Club bar & grill. Their employees wish to provide the same thrill the travelers felt back in the day. So, having a meal at this place will bring up some nostalgia and have you admiring the view, the plate, and the company.


If you’re into oysters, look no further. This place was once a gas station, but now it is the perfect oyster bar to spend your Miami Labor Day.

Mignonette’s goal is to bring the recognizable New England-style seafood to Miami, and they’re doing a pretty good job at it. This restaurant is located in Edgewater, and those who love delicacies from the ocean have nothing but good things to say.

They usually offer around eight different options, and servers will give you a hand if you don’t know what to get. Ask for help, and the workers will provide you with more information and advice on what will fit your taste the best.

Also, don’t order the same wine you always do. Check out Mignonette’s wine list and find something that suits your meal best. They have several sections that will take the whole experience to another level.

And don’t forget to make reservations! Though many places in the area might be able to squeeze you in, celebrating labor day in the best seafood restaurant in Miami will require calling in advance.

Joe’s Stone Crab

Not many places in Miami are more famous than Joe’s Stone Crab. Going to this restaurant means you’ll likely see some celebrities and, of course, a bunch of locals and tourists.

If Joe’s is your preferred destination for Miami Labor Day, you won’t have to call in advance. That’s not because there won’t be a crowd, but because the restaurant holds a strict no-reservations policy. Many guests don’t enjoy the long wait but still stick around before they can get a table. This says enough about the food this place serves.

If you’re in a rush and only wish to try the famous crabs, we recommend getting takeaway, which is right next door. They’ll pack the same fresh crabs the restaurant serves on a plate, but you’ll skip the waiting period. 

You can get great fried chicken in this place which will cost you less than ten bucks. 

Give Joe’s a visit if you want to try Miami’s best crabs.

Captain’s Tavern Restaurant

Those who prefer food over fancy establishments should visit Captain’s Tavern. This place won’t leave you speechless with its interior, but the food will have you coming back for more.

This restaurant has been a staple of Pinecrest for 50 years, and the locals and so many tourists love every aspect of it.

Of course, everything starts with the food. There are plenty of places to get seafood in Miami, but something is special about this one. The restaurant has a two-page menu that features a variety of breathtaking dishes.

Scallops, shrimp, crab meat, and so many other delicacies are what this place is known for – and it’s all made in-house. Even the sweet chili sauce they serve with the lobster nuggets is made on the spot.

If you’re sticking around in Miami, visit Captain’s Tavern on Tuesdays to get two-for-one lobster.

Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish

Fresh fish is all this place is about. Garcia’s fishing boats are often seen along the shores around the city, so there’s no questioning where the food came from. It’s all local!

No one comes to Florida wanting to try seafood that isn’t fresh. You won’t have to worry about that when eating at Garcia’s.

If you wish to hide from the crowds of Miami and have a meal in peace, this restaurant is the hidden gem you must find. It will require going through a maze of bridges and roads, but once you get there, you’ll see it was all worth the trouble.

As soon as you lay your eyes on this place, you’ll feel its vibe. The nautical interior makes you feel at sea, and the deck only adds to the experience.

Their kitchen is known for the jumbo shrimp, lobster, and yellowtail. Visit Garcia’s and see where you would place them on the list of the best Miami seafood restaurants.

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