Bayshore Club: One Of The Best Waterfront Restaurants In Miami

Having an ocean view is an advantage some restaurants have, and no matter what type of food you serve, your kitchen can’t attract guests as a waterfront can.

There’s something special about having your meal, listening to the waves, and looking at the water. It’s hard to explain but very easy to fall in love with. 

There are a lot of waterfront restaurants in Miami, but none of them hold a candle to Bayshore Club. We’ve gathered a list of all the best places you must visit while you’re in the city and enjoy their view, food, and ambiance.

Naturally, we’ll start with Bayshore Club and explain why this place is above the rest and what makes it the best ocean view restaurant in Miami. 

Bayshore Club

Among all the famous restaurants in Miami, Bayshore stands out with its originality, historical significance, and overall appeal. The restaurant is located in Miami’s oldest neighborhood, Coconut Grove, and built on the historic site called Dinner Key. The location got its name for being the most beautiful picnic stop while circling the coastal waters of Miami.

Coconut Grove was originally an island but was connected to the mainland in 1914. Throughout WWI, it was used as a continental naval air station and was the first establishment of this kind. Dinner Key served as a base for flying boats during the 30s and 40s, and all significant airport zones are set near the restaurant.

Bayshore restaurant is inspired by the history of its location and hopes to give you the same thrill the travelers once felt on this ground.

Visit Bayshore Club and see why it’s among the best restaurants in Miami with a view. You’ll be coming back to this place, we bet.


This charming bistro is a hidden gem you’ll have to look for, but once you’re there, you’ll keep coming back. The terrace is surrounded by foliage all around, which hides you from the scorching Florida sun. So, this is the place to visit if you’re into the nature vibe.

Tigre is located on Miami’s Little River and overlooks an active manatee sanctuary. That’s undoubtedly something you don’t get to witness often.

The restaurant draws inspiration from traditional bistros located in Buenos Aires. The owners tried to re-invent the Argentinian classics and fit that experience in this part of the world. Their success tells us they managed to do this better than most of their competitors.

The food is nothing less spectacular. 

You can start with something light, like red prawn and nectarine tiradito, and proceed to the main course. We recommend getting swordfish steak paired with garlicky charred broccolini. 

These aren’t meals you’ll have every day, but Tigre is more than an everyday experience.

Visit this place and see why it’s one of the most popular restaurants in Miami.

La Mar

Many people are skeptical about visiting an ocean view restaurant in Miami because they fear mediocre food. With La Mar, you don’t have to worry about that. Yes, the environment is unbelievable, but the food keeps up.

Gastón Acurio’s protégé Diego Oka is in charge of the kitchen, and his creations will impress you. As he travels and gathers inspiration and experience, chef Diego switches up the menu and allows his guests to try new dishes.

Chef Diego is known for his tiradito bachiche and chicha morada brisket, both seasoned with traditional Peruvian ingredients and his gentle touch. Every plate gets the same undivided attention of the workers in the kitchen, so it’s made sure that the view doesn’t outshine the food.

So, you’ll see pisco sours emblazoned with the restaurant’s logo, steamed fish unwrapped at the table, and so on.

And, if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to enjoy this ocean view restaurant in Miami, La Mar started offering takeout to bring the Peruvian kitchen into your home.

Joia Beach

Not many waterfront restaurants in Miami are as busy as Joia Beach. This place is perfect for parties, brunches, chilling with a glass of wine, and similar activities, making it ideal for this city.

This euro-inspired experience is one of the best restaurants in Miami with a view, and you’re about to see why.

As you walk near the restaurant, you’ll notice jungle greenery, tiki torches, and luxurious daybeds. The dining area leads Joia beach front not many restaurants have.

This place always features a DJ, so the party doesn’t stop night or day. Whether you’re approaching with a yacht and coming to your table through the sand or getting out of an Uber – this place is the perfect last stop to the day’s trip. You’ll often get to enjoy your drinks with a few celebrities, so make sure you don’t get star-struck when visiting.

Give it a visit and see why Joia Beach is among the most popular restaurants in Miami.

Whiskey Joe’s

If you aren’t feeling the upscale vibes and want to visit a place more casual, you should direct your squad to Whiskey Joe’s.

This place encourages a more laid-back style of clothing and attitude. So, pull out the sandals and make your way to Biscayne Bay. The environment follows the same vibe with faux parrots, bright colors, and carved coconut.

As most waterfronts are, this place is perfect for grabbing a cocktail and enjoying the view. So, in this massive tiki hut, you’ll get to sip on drinks in hurricane glasses and watch as the boats enter the marina.

And, if you are on one of those boats, just let the dock attendants know you’re eating at Whiskey Joe’s, and you won’t have to pay for docking.

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Miami with a view, you can’t skip this place. So check it out, and see why so many people keep coming back.


Zuma isn’t like the rest of the waterfront restaurants in Miami. It’s upscale, located at the edge of Downtown, and features a modern environment.

Firstly, you should know that getting a reservation will be quite a task. So, before you head there, make sure you have a seat waiting. This isn’t a casual place you can walk into and grab yourself a table – Zuma is a premium experience.

The crowds speak enough about the food quality, so you can expect the Japanese specialties you’ll have to be quite flavorful. All kinds of modern bites from this part of the world can be found on Zuma’s menu. So, salmon roe, truffle oil, sashimi with yuzu, and similar dishes are what you can expect to have.

If you don’t have much time, we advise coming for lunch. The tables flip more quickly, so you can be in and out in no time.

Visit this place and see if it’s your favorite ocean view restaurant in Miami.

Bayshore Club Is The Place To Be

We believe that Bayshore Club is the best waterfront restaurant in Miami for multiple reasons. Visit us, and let us prove this statement true.