6 Different Ways to Cook Oysters

Oysters are a favorite among all seafood lovers. However, many people aren’t sure how to prepare them correctly. There are a few specific ways to cook oysters, and if you’re a true connoisseur, you should know about them. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place to learn. 

Bayshore Club is one of the finest seafood restaurants in Miami, and oysters are quite a popular dish in the area. Our team is happy to share the secrets of oyster cooking if you’re willing to learn.

We’ve explained our favorite ways to cook oysters and given you a few extra tips to make them taste better than ever. So, wait no more and check out the full article below.

What Are Oysters?

If you’ve ever had them, you know that oysters have two halves attached by a hinge-like structure. This way, these bivalve mollusks open and close whenever necessary. 

Around the world, oysters are known for pearls. However, that shouldn’t be the case since not all oysters carry the beautiful surprise. That’s why these rare pearls are valuable and pricey.

When it comes to flavor, oysters will remind you of other seafood. They are often compared to clams, even though they have certain characteristics that make them different. For example, clams are saltier and have a rubbery texture, while oysters are more tender with a subtle flavor. This is what makes them a delicacy in high-end restaurants.

Best Ways to Cook Oysters

Keep in mind that these aren’t the only ways to cook oysters. However, they are our favorites. 

Once you give all these a shot, you can start using oysters in stews, baked casseroles, salads, and more. But first, let’s go through the most popular options.

Fried Oysters

First, you should know that pan-fried and fried oysters aren’t the same. Don’t worry, though; we’ll explain both.

These two ways of cooking oysters have similarities besides the name. They both require the cook to shuck oysters and cover them in breading before the frying process.

What separates the two cooking methods is that fried oysters don’t go into a pan. Instead, they go straight into the oil-filled deep fryer. There, our favorite seafood cooks all the way through.

This process is quicker and requires less attention than most other ways to cook oysters. 

Pan-Fried Oysters

Once again, you’ll need to shuck oysters before frying them. This means you’ll have to open each shell and take the meat out. 

The secret to making the best pan-fried oysters is in the egg bath we use before covering the meat in spicy bread crumbs.

Then, heat a frying pan with some oil and place the prepared oysters inside. This will brown the oysters on both sides but make them as tasty as ever.

Smoked Oysters

Yes, you will need a smoker to prepare smoked oysters. If you’re in a rush and want a quick seafood dish, smoked oysters aren’t the way to go. 

Smokers work at lower temperatures and require a longer cooking time, but they will give you some of the tastiest dishes you can find.

However, oysters are quite smaller than steaks, and getting the savory, smoky flavor won’t require as much time.

So if you have about 90 minutes to spare, try smoked oysters and see if that’s your favorite way of preparing this type of seafood.

Grilled Oysters

If you’ve ever had oysters, chances are, you’ve had them grilled. 

Grilled oysters are quite a popular dish all around the world for many reasons. Even though they are grilled while still in their shell, there are ways to alter the flavor.

Firstly, you can add spices and marinades as you please. Anything from salt and pepper to Parmesan cheese is an acceptable and typically flavorful addition.

Adding a spoonful of butter to each oyster will make them extra crisp! And who would want to skip that?

And, when you add a 10-minute cooking time on top of all this flavor, you start to understand why grilled oysters are so beloved everywhere. Give them a shot if you haven’t by now.

Roasted Oysters

Turn the temperature down a bit, and you can call these baked oysters. There aren’t any other differences between the two ways of cooking, and they’re both delicious.

Roasted oysters are likely the most fun out of the bunch. Cooking this way gives you the opportunity to improvise. Even though roasted oysters stay in their shells while cooking, you get plenty of chances to add different spices and ingredients to the mix.

Experiment with your favorite additions and see if this is your go-to method for preparing seafood.

Steamed Oysters

You’ll need a special steamer pot to prepare this type of oyster. The steamer allows the oysters to stay above boiling water during the cooking process. 

This way, they are cooked through in just a few minutes while keeping their juices. Boiling them, on the other hand, would result in chewy, dry meat that doesn’t taste nearly as good.

Also, this is a proper solution if you’re trying to keep your diet healthy. The method doesn’t require oil and other additions that add unnecessary fat and calories to the dish. 

How to Shuck Oysters

Most cooking methods don’t require shucking oysters. But, if you wish to eat them raw or fried, you’ll need to remove the meat from its shell.

Before getting into the process, make sure you have the necessary equipment. An oyster knife will be the first item on your list, but if you can’t get it, a butter knife will be enough.

Also, you’ll need a kitchen towel to keep the oyster steady while shucking it.

To start the process:

  • Put the oyster in your hand.
  • Make sure the flatter side is facing upward before inserting your knife between the two shells.
  • Stop the knife right before the hinge, and twist the blade to pop open the oyster.
  • Remove the top shell with your knife and hands.
  • Cut the oyster meat from the bottom shell and proceed based on your recipe.

If your goal is to have raw oysters, then keep the meat with the juices inside the bottom shell. If you’re frying the meat, remove it from the body and proceed with the breading.

Extra Tips for Cooking Oysters

There are so many different ways to cook oysters and keep them delicious. Here are a few of our tips that will help you get the tastiest results.

  • Don’t consume dead oysters. Whenever you see an already opened oyster, make sure you throw it away. This means it’s dead and shouldn’t be consumed.
  • If you’re trying to shuck oysters, give them a few minutes in the freezer first. This will make your job a lot easier.
  • Raw oysters are served on ice. This keeps them chilled and safe to consume.
  • Don’t overcook the oysters. Keep an eye on the meat if you don’t want it to become chewy and tough.
  • Don’t use too much salt. Oysters come from the ocean, so seasoning with something else rather than salt is a better idea. Try parsley, garlic, pepper, or lemon zest.

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